What is SR22 insurance Illinois?

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An individual whose license is under suspension by Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles needs to file for SR22 insurance Illinois for the reinstatement of the suspended license. An SR22 filing can be requested from an insurance company. An SR22 is an individual’s proof of document to DMV on minimum liability coverage in Illinois.

A driver’s license gets suspended under the following reasons: drunk driving, driving uninsured and exceeding beyond the minimum traffic violations over a specific period of time. You must file for minimum liability coverage on all your vehicles registered under your name. Non-owner liability coverage is for those individuals who don’t own the vehicle they are operating.

An SR22 validity period is three years. Such validity period can be made longer depending on the severity of the situation. If the SR22 should lapse, the insurance company should notify the DMV. At this instant, your license will get re-suspended.

It is possible to file for an SR22 Illinois on the same day your license gets suspended. There are several SR22 insurance companies that can provide you with their online estimate of SR22 filing. To get an online estimate of your SR22, you need to fill up their SR22 estimate request form. You may also directly get in touch with the insurer’s online agent for a faster transaction.

You also need to contact the DMV to settle any fees required to reinstate your license. In most cases, these fees may involve your reinstatement fee, which is usually $50. Resolve any unpaid traffic fines or other DMV charges so that your driving record becomes clean. There might also be some insurance companies that require you to obtain a Driving Record Report from the DMV. This is crucial for them to give you an accurate estimate of your SR22 insurance coverage price.

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